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Welcome to ExpositoryPulpit.com, a dedicated resource tailored for pastors, theologians, and believers who yearn for depth, clarity, and conviction in their spiritual journey through the Word of God. Founded on the principles of biblical Christianity, our mission is to equip the body of Christ with rigorous, scripture-centered teaching that faithfully exposits the texts of the Bible, book by book, verse by verse.

Our Approach to Expository Preaching

At the heart of ExpositoryPulpit.com lies our unwavering commitment to expository preaching—a method that seeks to proclaim the truth of Scripture by carefully explaining the original context, intent, and application of the biblical text. This approach not only honors the authority and sufficiency of Scripture but also fosters a deeper understanding and reverence for the Word of God among congregations.

Our Subscription Services

To support pastors and church leaders in their calling to faithfully teach and preach, ExpositoryPulpit.com offers two tiers of subscription services:

  • Free Subscription: Subscribers receive a meticulously crafted sermon outline each week. These outlines serve as a foundational tool to guide you in developing your own sermons, ensuring they are rooted in the accurate exposition of Scripture.

  • Paid Subscription: For those seeking comprehensive support, our paid subscription provides the full manuscript sermon corresponding to each weekly outline. These manuscripts offer in-depth exploration of the biblical text, complete with exegetical insights, theological reflections, and practical applications. Crafted with precision and pastoral sensitivity, these sermons are ready to preach or can be adapted to suit your unique context and congregation. We encourage you to take these messages and develop them as your own.

Preaching Through the Books of the Bible

Our journey through the Scriptures is methodical and thoughtful. By preaching through entire books of the Bible, we embrace the full counsel of God, ensuring that no theme, doctrine, or command is overlooked. This systematic approach not only enriches believers' understanding of biblical theology but also demonstrates how the entirety of Scripture is interconnected and relevant to our lives today.

Our Commitment to You

ExpositoryPulpit.com is more than a resource—it's a community of like-minded believers devoted to the exposition of God's Word. Whether you are a seasoned pastor, a theologian, or a lay leader eager to dive deeper into the Scriptures, our platform is designed to support your ministry and spiritual growth. With ExpositoryPulpit.com, you gain access to resources that are theologically sound, biblically faithful, and practically applicable.

Join us as we endeavor to proclaim the unchanging truth of Scripture with clarity, passion, and conviction. Together, let us equip the Church to stand firm in the Gospel and to live out the transformative power of God's Word in every aspect of life.

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With a pastoral career spanning more than 30 years, Barry's focus has been on equipping other ministry leaders with the resources they need.